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Best Music Wallpapers in HD

Grab the best music wallpapers in the web today only here at Picscompany. Rock your desktop with these amazing photos in HD quality.

Music. It makes our lives colorful and a little less boring.

To some people, travelling on your way to work without your headphones feels like an eternity. I’m guilty of this, actually.

We are pretty sure that you’ll gonna love this one because we’re going to cover some of the most unusual facts about your favorite artists.

Sorry to all the One Direction and Justin Bieber fans, we are talking about “REAL” music here. So, let’s get it on!

Interesting Facts About Famous Musicians

Here are some interesting facts about the greatest musicians that ever walked in the face of our planet. You probably know some of these facts already but some of them are so awesome that you cannot leave them out on this list.

The Blondie King

Elvis Presley
One of the Money, Two for the Show.

All Hail the King!

What do you remember when someone mentions the name “Elvis Presley”?

The cool suits, unhealthy diet, groovy songs and that macho hairstyle of his.

We all remember him as a black haired guy, but actually, he’s a natural blonde.

The perfect personification of the famous catchphrase: “Once you go black, you’ll never go back”.


Killer Queen

brian may

Brian May, the lead guitarist of the English band Queen, is the probably one of the most talented musicians in the world. Both in and out of the stage.

He studied Mathematics and Physics in the Imperial College of London. After graduation, he decided to leave his work behind and continued to work on their soon-to-be legendary band.

In 2006, May continued his work and got his PhD in Astrophysics.


Poor Stevie

Stevie wonder

We can’t deny it. A guy like Stevie Wonder only comes once in a lifetime.

That soothing voice is more than enough to tuck anyone to sleep.

But did you know that something happened to him that made him a walking pair of ears?

After a tragic car crash, Stevie lost his sense of smell and temporarily lost his sense of taste.

Good thing he survived the crash and recovered fully from his injuries.


Famous Musicians’ Real Names

Here are some musicians and their real names.

  • Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins)
  • Alice Cooper (Vincent Damon Furnier)
  • Alicia Keys (Alicia Augello Cook)
  • Andr 3000 (Andr Benjamin)
  • Babyface (Kenneth Edmonds)
  • Beck (Bek David Campbell)
  • Billie Holiday (Eleanora Fagan Gough)
  • Billy Idol (William Michael Albert Broad)
  • Billy Ocean (Leslie Charles)
  • Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman)
  • Bonnie Tyler (Gaynor Hopkins)
  • Bono (Paul Hewson)
  • Bruno Mars (Peter Gene Hernandez)
  • Buddy Clark (Samuel Goldberg)
  • Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley)
  • Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian)
  • Coolio (Artis Ivey, Jr.)
  • David Bowie (David Robert Jones)
  • David Seville (Ross Bagdasarian)
  • Dido – Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong
  • Donna Summer (LaDonna Andrea Gaines)
  • Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight)
  • Elvis Costello (Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus)
  • Eminem (Marshall Mathers III)
  • Engelbert Humperdinck (Arnold Dorsey)
  • Eric Clapton (Eric Clapp)
  • Fatboy Slim (Quentin Cook, later Norman Cook)
  • Flea (Michael Balzary)
  • Freddie Mercury (Faroukh Bulsara)
  • Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz)
  • Gene Wilder (Jerome Silberman)
  • Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson)
  • Ice T (Tracy Morrow)
  • Iggy Pop (James Newell Osterberg Jr.)
  • Jay Z (Shawn Corey Carter)
  • Jerry Lewis (Joseph Levitch)
  • John Denver (Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.)
  • Johnny Rotten (John Joseph Lydon)
  • Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)
  • Les Paul (Lester Polfuss)
  • LL Cool J (James Todd Smith)
  • Lorde – (Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor)
  • Louis Armstrong (Daniel Louis Armstrong)
  • Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)
  • Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone)
  • Mariah Carey (Maria Nuez)
  • Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner))
  • MCA (Adam Yauch)
  • Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday)
  • Nelly (Cornell Haynes Jr.)
  • Ozzy Osbourne (John Osbourne)
  • Paul McCartney (James Paul McCartney)
  • Paul Stanley (Stanley Harvey Eisen)
  • Pink (Alecia Moore)
  • Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson)
  • Psy (Park Jae-sang)
  • Queen Latifah (Dana Owens)
  • Ray Charles (Ray Charles Robinson)
  • Richard Clapton (Terry Gonk)
  • Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty)
  • Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)
  • Seal (Sealhenry Samuel)
  • Shakira (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll)
  • Shania Twain (Eileen Regina Edwards, later Eileen Regina Twain)
  • Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritche; Later John Beverly)
  • Slash (Saul Hudson)
  • Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus)
  • Spike Jonze (Adam Spiegel)
  • Stevie Wonder (Steveland Morris)
  • Sting (Gordon Sumner)
  • Sugar (Stephanie Beard)
  • The Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace)
  • Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock)
  • Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle)
  • Vic Reeves (Jim Moir)
  • Ziggy Marley (David Nesta Marley)
  • 2Pac (Tupac Shakur – born Lesane Crooks)
  • 50Cent (Curtis Jackson)

Best Music Wallpapers

Awesome facts, aight?

Now, time to make that desktop of your rocking like there’s no tomorrow with these amazing music wallpapers courtesy of Picscompany.

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Turn It On
Stage Smoke
Stage Smoke
Party Music
Party Music
Music Wallpapers
Music Wallpapers
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Jazz Band
Headset Simple
Headset Simple
Grand Piano
Grand Piano
Bass Down Low
Bass Down Low

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