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Best NHL Finals Images And Fun Facts

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Hockey is one of the most action-packed sports in the world. Back in the day, it should be classified as an “Extreme Sport” in my opinion.

NHL (National Hockey League) is the home of the best puck players in the world. When the word “NHL” is said, the first thing that will probably think of is the Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Then of course, the Stanley Cup Finals Trophy.

So, today we are uncovering some facts about the NHL Finals, Gretzky, The Red Army, The Stanley Cup and everything else in between. Let’s get it started, shall we?

NHL Fun Facts That You Should Absolutely Know

What team holds the record of the most Stanley Cup trophies in league history?

Canadian Flag
Hockey Land also called as “Canada”

The answer is – the Montreal Canadiens. Canadians have always owned this sport. They won the Stanley Cup 23 times, the last one in 1993. No surprise here, as hockey is the National Winter Sport of Canada.

Why “Stanley”?

Lord Stanley of Preston
Thank This Guy For The Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup was named after the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston. He purchased the trophy in London for 10 guineas (about $50 at that time). He donated the trophy to Canada’s top amateur hockey clubs. But the funny thing is, this trophy was once have been used as a cereal bowl. Yes, the prestigious trophy was used as a cereal bowl.

One fan even stole the Stanley Cup for one ridiculous reason. During the 1962 season, a fan tried to steal the trophy. When the police caught him, he said that he was just trying to return the cup to where it belongs, Montreal. We all know that NHL is full of batsh*t crazy fans.

Who holds the most NHL records?

Wayne Gretzky
A Great Quote From The Great One

Wayne Gretzky is not called the “Great One” for nothing.

This is from Wikipedia. I can’t give this to you one by one even if I tried.

  • Most goals: 894 in 1,487 games
  • Most goals, including playoffs: 1,016 in 1,487 regular season and 208 playoff games
  • Most goals, one season: 92 in 1981–82, 80-game schedule
  • Most goals, one season, including playoffs: 100 in 1983–84, 87 goals in 74 regular season games and 13 goals in 19 playoff games
  • Most goals, 50 games from start of season: 61 in 1981–82 (7 October 1981 to 22 January 1982, 80-game schedule) and 1983–84 (5 October 1983 to 25 January 1984), 80-game schedule
  • Most goals, one period: 4 (Tied with 10 other players) 18 February 1981
  • Most assists: 1,963
  • Most assists, including playoffs: 2,223
  • Most assists, one season: 163 in 1985–86, 80-game schedule
  • Most assists, one season, including playoffs: 174 in 1985–86, 163 assists in 80 regular season games and 11 assists in 10 playoff games
  • Most assists, one game: 7 (tied with Billy “The Kid” Taylor) on three occasions—15 February 1980; 11 December 1985; 14 February 1986
  • Most assists, one road game: 7 (tied with Billy “The Kid” Taylor) 11 December 1985
  • Most points: 2,857 in 1,487 games (894 goals, 1,963 assists)
  • Most points, including playoffs: 3,239 in 1,487 regular season and 208 playoff games. (1016 goals, 2223 assists)
  • Most points, one season: 215 in 1985–86, 80-game schedule (52 goals, 163 assists)
  • Most points, one season, including playoffs: 255 in 1984–85; 208 points in 80 regular season games and 47 points in 18 playoff games
  • Most overtime assists, career: 15
  • Most goals by a centre, career: 894
  • Most goals by a centre, one season: 92 in 1981–82, 80-game schedule
  • Most assists by a centre, career: 1,963
  • Most assists by a centre, one season: 163 in 1985–86, 80-game schedule
  • Most points by a centre, career: 2,857
  • Most points by a centre, one season: 215 in 1985–86, 80-game schedule
  • Most assists in one game by a player in his first season: 7 on 15 February 1980
  • Highest goals-per-game average, one season: 1.18 in 1983–84, 87 goals in 74 games
  • Highest assists-per-game average, career (300 min.): 1.321 — 1,963 assists in 1,487 games
  • Highest assists-per-game average, one season: 2.04 in 1985–86, 163 assists in 80 games
  • Highest points-per-game average, one season (among players with 50-or-more points): 2.77 in 1983–84, 205 points in 74 games
  • Most 40-or-more goal seasons: 12 in 20 seasons
  • Most consecutive 40-or-more goal seasons: 12 from 1979–80 to 1990–91
  • Most 50-or-more goal seasons: 9 (tied with Mike Bossy)
  • Most 60-or-more goal seasons: 5 (tied with Mike Bossy)
  • Most consecutive 60-or-more goals seasons: 4 from 1981–82 to 1984–85
  • Most 100-or-more point seasons: 15
  • Most consecutive 100-or-more point seasons: 13 from 1979–80 to 1991–92
  • Most three-or-more goal games, career: 50 — 37 three-goal (hat trick) games; nine four-goal games; four five-goal games
  • Most three goal games, one season: 10 (done twice) in 1981–82 and 1983–84
  • Longest consecutive assist scoring streak: 23 games in 1990–91, 48 assists
  • Longest consecutive point-scoring streak: 51 Games in 1983–84 (October 5, 1983 to January 28, 1984, 61 goals, 92 assists for 153 points)
  • Longest consecutive point-scoring streak from start of season: 51 in 1983–84; 61 goals, 92 assists for 153 points (October 5, 1983 to January 28, 1984)


You’re probably thinking, “Nah, is that all?”.

The list on the top, is only his regular season records! There’s still the playoffs, all star and unofficial records. If you want to find out all the records he achieved check out Wikipedia’s Page.

What is the greatest Olympic hockey team ever?

Viacheslav Fetisov
The Soviets’ GOAT, Slava Fetisov.

There must be some disputes over this. The Canadians holds the most Olympic hockey trophies to this day (Duh). The second one’s USSR, with 7. But here’s the catch, the Soviet Union didn’t participate in all of this until 1956. In 1972 and 1976, the Canadians didn’t participate.

But in my opinion, the Soviets should be crowned as the greatest hockey team ever assembled because of their unselfish play, flashy passing and team chemistry. Unlike the NHL style that we know today. Chess masters even designed their plays!

You can watch the documentary “The Red Army” if you’re interested.

NHL Finals Images

NOTE: We don’t own these Images. NHL owns the rights to these images.

Celebrate the hockey fever with these awesome NHL Finals Images and Stanley Cup Images courtesy of Picscompany. Don’t forget to like and share! Enjoy!

Blackhawks Stanley Cup – Source: Wallpapersafari
wallpapersafari-Stanley Cup Playoffs
Stanley Cup Playoffs – Source: Wallpapersafari
wallpapersafari-Stanley Cup iPod Touch Wallpaper Background and Theme
IPod Touch Stanley Cup – Source: Wallpapersafari
wallpapersafari-Stanley Cup Champions David Krejci - Boston Bruins Wallpaper ...
Stanley Cup Bruins – Source: Wallpapersafari
NHL Stanley Cup Blue – Source: Wallpapersafari
NHL Finals – Source: Wallpapersafari
wallpapersafari-NHL Team Logo Wallpaper by 666Darks on DeviantArt
NHL Teams Wallpaper – Source: Wallpapersafari
Red Wings Champions – Source: Wallpapersafari
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NHL Wallpaper – Source: Wallpaper
wallpapersafari-2013 stanley cup champs 2013 stanley cup champs 2
Stanley Cup Champs – Source: Wallpapersafari
Stanley Cup Wallpaper - NHL Team Wallpaper
StanleyCup Black – Source: Wallpapersafari
Stanley Cup NHL Wallpaper and set the HD Wide Retina or 4K wallpaper ...
Stanley Cup Dark Blue – Wallpaper Source: Wallpapersafari
Kings Stanley Cup Wallpaper 2014 June 13 2014. stanley cup
Kings Stanley Cup – Source: Wallpapersafari
Ice Hockey Wallpaper
Red Army Wallpaper


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