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Colorful Images in HD

Download these amazing colorful images in HD quality only here at Picscompany.

Everything is looks better with color.

That’s why the monochrome television sets from the 50’s got replaced instantly with the colored TV sets.

Why did they choose the ruby colored shoes of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?

Because they wanted to show off the colors, that’s why.

Same thing goes with the NBC peacock logo.

So, here are some colorful facts that will surely blow your mind about colors.

Colorful Facts About Colors

Pink Calms and Soothes The Mind

pink colored prison
Pink Is a Palliative Color.

The Pink color has been scientifically proven to calm down our nerves.

That’s why it’s the color of choice for some maximum security prisons and mental health facilities. A pink colored cell is used to subdue an out of control prisoner or patient.

Back in the days, the color is also associated with boys. Not unlike today that it is considered as a feminine color.


Yellow Makes You Hungry

fast food
Hungry? Get Fat Here!

Ever wonder why the biggest fast food chains got the color Yellow on their logos and motifs?

You guessed it right. The color Yellow has been proven to stimulate hunger, which in turn makes you order more Big Macs and upsize everything.

Usually the combination is red, orange and yellow. Just look at the McDonalds’ logo and you’ll find why this giant is so successful at pushing their food under people’s throats.


Crayola’s Flesh Color

flesh color
The Racist Implications Made This Color Non-Existent.

The famous crayon brand released the color “Flesh” and soon replaced by “Peach”.

A lot of people reacted because of its racist implications that the color of the human’s flesh is light.

Also, a fun fact about Crayola: The most senior crayon maker from the company, Emerson Moser, revealed that he’s actually color blind.

That is, after molding more than 1.4 billion crayons. Crazy!


What’s the Safest Car Color?

Silver Cars
Silver cars look totally cool and safe too!

According to studies, the safest color to drive on the road is Silver.

Silver colored cars are clearly visible on the road even in twilight.

Is Black A Color?

black cat
Black Is The Absence of Color.

The answer will depend on who will you ask.

For scientists, they will probably answer it with a “No”. Black is the absence of color, therefore is not a color. On the other side of the spectrum, white is the presence of all the colors. (Therefore, is considered to be a color)

Meanwhile, chemists and artists will probably answer it with a “Yeah”. Pigments of black can be created with metals, charcoal and other chemicals.

It’s like the question of “Is the glass half full or half empty?”. The final say is up to you.


Colorful Images

Download these colorful images and wallpapers courtesy of Picscompany. Don’t forget to like and share.

‘Til next time, see you again! Enjoy!

Blue Dots
Blue Dots
vivid lanterns
Vivid Lanterns
Scenic Mountain
Scenic Mountain
pink background
Pink Background
painting Colored
Painting Colored
oil canvas
Oil Canvas
nebula background
Nebula Background
leaves color
Leaves Color
golden pheasant
Golden Pheasant
Flower Garden
Flower Garden
Cosmic Wind
Cosmic Wind
color swirl
Color Swirl
colorful lights
Colorful Lights
colorful images
Colorful Images
colorful flower
Colorful Flower
Colorful Abstract Wallpaper
Colorful Abstract Wallpaper
colored paper stack
Colored Paper Stack
colored paper simple
Colored Paper Simple
coast city
Coast City
bubble colored pencils
Bubble Colored Pencils

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