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Happy Father’s Day Images

Father’s Day images in HD Quality for free. Available only here at Picscompany.

The Alpha-Male. The Patriarch. Big Poppa. Daddy. Old man.

There’s a thousand ways to say it, but the meaning still stays the same. We respect them for the bottom of our hearts. I know that some of us doesn’t have a fatherly figure to guide us while growing up. But that doesn’t change the fact that without them, our life today is impossible to happen.

Sooner or later in your life, you will become a father too. So, here are some of the traits that a good father should possess:

Traits of a Good Father

A Wise Decision-Maker

The family trusts your with your decisions. Be it financial or just where to plan a vacation.

A Good Teacher

With your children growing up, they need someone who can guide them to the right path. We all know that mistakes come along the way, but with your guidance, it’s a less bumpy ride than it should be.

A Good Provider

I’m not saying that you have to be like Bill Gates to be a good father. But you still need to provide for your family. Nothing in the world can be more fulfilling than to give what your family’s wants and needs.

Sets Up A Good Example For His Kids

Set your kids a good example. Typically, a kid’s mind is like a sponge. What he sees is what he’ll do later in life.

A Great Listener

Listen to your family members. Nobody wants a know-it-all dad (if they can help it). Listening is a great way to prevent any further issues in your family.

Friendly Dad

Not too friendly, of course. Everything should be balanced. Have some bonding with your family every once in a while. No matter how busy your are. Family comes first, always remember that.


Now you know the traits, here are the best and worst fathers in history. Just so you know who to emulate.

Best Fathers In History



This guy is the first official ruler of one of the most powerful forces in the world, the Holy Roman Empire.

He’s compassionate not only to his family, but to all the people in his kingdom. He had numerous families, concubines and children, but he insisted that all of his children (including the girls) to have good quality education. He even took pity on his son who plotted to kill him.

They don’t call him “Charles the Great” for nothing.

Czar Nicholas II of Russia

Nicholas II
Czar Nicholas II

Have you heard the story of the Romanovs during the Russian revolution? All of the Czar’s family members were executed at gun point. Yeah, there are rumors that Anastasia Nikolaevna survived but we’re not here to talk about that.

Czar Nicholas is loving and caring father for his family. Especially for the heir of the throne, Alexei. His son suffered from hemophilia and it led the Czar to hire the controversial mystic healer, Gregory Rasputin.

Abraham (Biblical)

Abraham Isaac
Abraham and His Son Isaac

I can’t say that Abraham didn’t existed. There are census records that show that Abraham actually lived, but no one is really certain about this.

A friend of God and a loving father. That’s what Abraham is. He is known as the “Father of all nations”. That credential is more than enough to include him on this list of the Best Dads ever.

The Worst Dads Ever

Marvin Gaye Sr.

The father of the famous musician Marvin Gaye. He killed his son in an argument. That’s it. He killed the man during his peak.

His son even presented him a check amounting to $1 Million. He dedicated songs to him, but to no avail.

That made him deserve a spot on this list.

Peter the Great

Father of Modern Russia. Peter the Great

Yes, he is the Father of Modern Russia. But his fathering skills back at home is a bit lower than mediocre.

We all know why he deserves a spot on the list. The Great Czar had numerous sons and daughters outside his marriage from Catherine. Many of them died young. But that’s not all.

He ordered the torture and execution of his own son Alexei because of treason. A crime punishable by death. But the charges has no concrete proof to back it up. So, you decide whether if it’s right to do such thing.

He’s not the last Russian on the list by the way.

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan And Son
Ivan And His Son

As you can tell from his name, this guy has really terrible parenting skills.

Like the first one on the list, he killed his son during a heated argument by beating his head with a staff. He even caused a miscarriage for his daughter by shaking her in anger. Guess what, it’s all about her immodest dress.

What a prick.

Father’s Day Images

Greet the most special man in your life with these HD quality and Royalty-free Father’s Day images courtesy of Picscompany. Before parting ways, I’m gonna leave you with this amazing quote about being a father.

The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family. – Reed Markham

Enjoy and don’t forget to like and share! Peace!

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